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Achievement Through Caring
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The Wakeman is an 11-16 co-educational comprehensive school that has served a diverse community in and around Shrewsbury from 1982.  We have aimed to provide an excellent education for all our students based on high quality teaching and learning and effective support structures set within a framework of strong caring principlesIn September 2008 we were granted Specialist School status for Visual Art with Music and Drama in recognition of our strengths in these areas.  The extra funding available was used to enhance and upgrade facilities for these subjects including the setting up of a ‘state of the art’ Multimedia Studio. In March 2011 OFSTED judged us to be a ‘Good School’ with outstanding features and particularly commented on our excellent use of the Arts Specialism to build student’s confidence and self esteem.
Unfortunately in September 2011, despite a ferocious campaign by staff, students, parents, governors and the wider community, Shropshire Council decided that the school should close from August 2013.
We are now focused on ensuring that our remaining pupils continue to have a high quality education, offering a rich learning environment with appropriate support.
To celebrate the work of the school over many years and to mark its sad closure, we have arranged some very special events. These are open to all who have been associated with the school in any way. As a lasting legacy we have begun to set up The Wakeman ‘ Look Up’ Trail featuring the work of Wakeman students over 30 years.  Please see below for details of events and trail.
I hope that all the information you require is available to you. Should you require any further information about the school or details of these events, please use the contact details to post these.

Karen Moore – Headteacher

Open night/Reunion event: 12th July

Wakeman Thanksgiving Service & Celebration Evening: 17th July

Musical Tribute Events to celebrate the work of the school

The Wakeman Legacy - Look Up (BBC)

Look Up Project (Shropshire Star)

First-Class Reunion

Project Preview (Produced by School - 30 Second Download Delay)